Eitan Beth-Halachmy 2012

Cowboy Dressage Clinics


Eitan is known as the face, heart and soul of Cowboy Dressage, and our 2012 clinics will feature Eitan’s classical approach to training and riding a horse.  The first clinic is a 3-day course, July 17 through 19.  This clinic is followed three days later by a second 3-day course, July 22 through 24.   A number of students who want to take maximum advantage of the opportunity to ride with one of the great classical horsemen alive today will choose to combine both clinics into a single 8-day course, July 17 through 24, which will include 6 days of instruction with two days off in the middle. 

We had initially announced a single 3-day clinic followed by an 8-day clinic, but an unforeseen scheduling conflict arose that will require Eitan to return home several days earlier than he first anticipated, forcing us to modify our originally planned clinic offerings.  But not too much has actually changed.  Our students can still opt for either a 3-day or an 8-day program as before, and those whose work schedules, family obligations or budgets might not allow the full 8-day clinic, now have two 3-day clinic segments to chose from.  On the other hand, there are those riders who are serious students of Western Dressage and/or Classical Dressage who have the time and means to fully pursue their passion, and they still want the longer clinic.  Our new “Plan B” will still accommodate their wishes.

For these 8-day clinic students, only the start and finish dates have changed.  Eitan conducts his clinics primarily as a succession of individual, personalized sessions, giving each student a different level of instruction and exercises when their turn comes that is tailored to the needs of that particular horse and rider.  So we are confident
that this new format and the fact that some students will only be doing one 3-day segment will not in any way, shape or manner affect the type, quality or level of instruction that any student would have received in the originally planned format.

The price for either 3-day clinic segment with our 8 rider limit, is $975 and this price includes free on-site student housing.  (A very modest preparation and clean-up fee applies.)  The price for the full 8-Day clinic is $1950.

A working knowledge of basic dressage movements is highly recommended.  Both Western and English riders are welcome!  Students should bring their very best horse to this course.  This is not a problem horse clinic, trailer loading clinic, or a clinic designed to solve behavioral issues with your horse.  As noted, it will be strictly limited to just 8 riders only, guaranteeing all riders the very highest degree of personal attention.  

The first-class equestrian facilities at Kokonini Farm are second to none and can be reviewed here.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or a complete application packet.

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