What our students have to say...


“If I could sum up Kokonini Farm in three sentences it would be:  1)  Green pastures as far as the eye could see... majestic!  2)  A pillowy soft arena, dust free, open air on all sides, country music playing in the background... heaven!  3)  Undeniably one of the best places to gain some of the greatest and most widely acclaimed horsemanship skills in all of New England and beyond... an experience of a lifetime!”  June O’Brien, Sommerville, MA.

“I’ve never enjoyed learning or had so much fun learning as I’ve had at this clinic.  Good company, support to die for and a highly skilled instructor.  If the opportunity arises I would be honored to take another clinic at this facility.  Beautiful, well maintained and friendly atmosphere.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it.”   Pam Jones, Lemont, IL.

“Kokonini Farm seems to have captured the essence of both a vacation and a college extension course.  Neither is compromised for the other creating a harmony which is completely fulfilling.  As a horse lover I could not imagine a better place to play with my horse and work on myself.  Thank you Chris and Birgitte for sharing Kokonini Farm with us and for being such gracious hosts.”  Heather Holloway, N. Kingston, RI.

“A great learning experience with like-minded people at a superb and beautiful farm”   Julie Sutherland, Locust Valley, NY.

“Anybody who hasn’t done a clinic at Kokonini Farm is missing out.  Chris and Deda are super people and they attract super people.  You can’t help but to be happy when you are there.”  Ron Fayer, Pleasant Valley, CT.

“Kokonini Farm is like going to a five star vacation resort with my horse!  It’s like going home to visit with family even when we don’t know people when class starts. Everybody feels welcome, and soon we are lifelong friends!  The barn is decked in flowers, the lush grass pastures and challenging playground obstacles are fabulous!!  Classical New England charm at Kokonini Farm.  Staying in the old farmhouse is amazing, overlooking the pastures as the mist burns off... seeing the sunsets at dinner... fabulous!  Thanks Chris and Deda... got any more clinics scheduled?  Sign me up!!  I’ll be there!”  Sandi Larocque, Fremont, NH.

“If you ever have the opportunity to take a course at Kokonini Farm, do it.  It will change your life forever!”  Barbara Appolonia, Clinton Corners, NY.

“My family and I have recently returned from attending a clinic at Kokonini Farm in Wentworth, NH.  The phrase, ‘It’s all downhill from here’, comes to mind.  I believe I have seen perfection and it is wonderful!  First of all, the farm is an authentic New England farm.  As I rode around its meadows and looked out over the views of the mountains and the farmhouse, I couldn’t help but to think of the people that settled on this beautiful river front acreage over one hundred yeas ago.  Then I looked towards the barn and arena and admired how expertly it was planned to look like it belonged right there.  Because of the continual open doors along the arena you can still feel as though you are riding outside, enjoying the view of the pastures with horses frolicking about during our lessons.  Then go on the most awesome trail rides ever, expertly led by Chris after class.  The hosts, Chris and Deda Newbert really know how to make you feel welcome and at home during your stay.  Very accommodating to human or horse needs.  We all shared in so much fun and learning during the day and at night many enjoyed meals and fellowship together including the legendary instructor/trainer Jack Brainard.  I thoroughly enjoyed everyone I met from the attendees to the dedicated volunteers who kept the stalls, barn and arena clean.  I hope to see them all again and that they will continue to progress in their horsemanship skills.”  Valerie Turner, Oxford, NY.

“Kokonini Farm is surely a magical place.  The Equine Camelot.”  Annie Schneider, Plymouth, NH.

“Everything here has been set up with the rider and the horse in mind -- both are pampered and I can’t think of any better place to ride and learn.  Bravo!  I will be back!”  Jesse Miele, Pleasand Valley, CT.

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